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Expose Utah

Un-Certified Individual

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This shirt shows the determination to fix our 2020 elections. If we don't fix our state election system now, we won't have another chance to do so. It is time to make a stand against tyranny! Make sure to attend your local meetings and wear our t shirts in support of defending our freedom and our voting rights in Utah and other states. 

These shirts are top quality, custom fitted shirts. They are true to size. If you want a "loose" fitted shirt (lounge wear style), you might want to order a size larger than your normally wear. 

100% of the proceeds goes towards this cause of defending our liberty, our rights and our freedom to protect our vote and to educate more people! Every dollar counts to protect our right to have a voice in America. We wish we didn't have to raise money but it requires money to expand our information that we have about our tyrannical government. Please support our cause and attend our upcoming events. The only way to do this is by sharing this information with others and uniting as one to put power back to "We the People".

Thank you for supporting us!